Consumer Goods

Whatever product you manufacture or sell, you must reach your customers effectively and cost efficiently. At Maximized Brand Marketing International, we define customers in non-traditional ways, to include many groups of people: End-users, your own sales representatives and all stakeholders. Regardless of your target, your message and presentation are as important as the quality of your work.

MBMI is the intelligent, full-service choice for consumer goods manufacturers and their sales organizations. MBMI works closely with production and marketing teams to field and analyze consumer research, create recognizable features and present consumers with measurable benefits. We design award-winning advertising creative, purchase and place media at negotiated prices that are well below market standards, and our marketing specialists design innovative and remarkable events that showcase your product and provide sampling opportunities, where appropriate.

Our research team will help you to learn everything there is to know about consumer perceptions, motivations and buying habits within your product category. Then we assist you to strategize your next move, create and implement your plans.

Once your product is in the marketplace, MBMI also offers a full catalogue of advertising specialty items through our association with Tangerine Promotions, one of the largest and most trusted ASI companies in the world.

Let us show you your customers and what makes them tick.

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