Hospitality & Entertainment

Maximized Brand Marketing International provides our clients with professional services required to create concepts, finance and operate restaurants, hotels and nightclubs.

Our customers enjoy low stress and high return personal introductions to restaurant, hotel and nightclub corporations, owners, operators, developers and support companies. Our goal is to connect operators with investors and developers who are eager to listen and make deals.

Maximized Brand Marketing International isn’t just a conduit to introductions. Our highly specialized team of researchers provides answers to consumer questions required by the industry. We use predictive algorithms and consumer inquisition to determine the feasibility of concepts prior to their launches. We measure potential employee and guest expectations prior to investment, and our business specialists can effectively estimate the ROI of any hospitality or entertainment oriented venture. We even keep a recognized spirits and wine sommelier on staff to assist your in-house experts with pairings, menu planning and product acquisition.
The company’s experienced Asset Acquisition Group assists our partners to locate, negotiate and bring to reality office and restaurant space in any location in the world. Our professional relationships are deep, and owners and operators use our firm to identify and acquire top operating personnel for worldwide placement. We can even arrange top-flight, name brand talent for your location…even if it is floating at sea aboard a cruise ship.

Maximized Brand Marketing International is a company that you can count on for customer acquisition planning and loyalty ideas, media engagement tactics, and experience development and management. Our “Obsessive Luxe” program maintains a group of experienced luxury “secret shoppers,” who work clandestinely to determine your business’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Our branding team insures that your marks are registered, websites are reserved, and the way is clear for you to do what you do best: Serve your guests.

Finally, our sister companies, MultiBrand Media International and Valoriant Safety, are available to lend their expertise in the entertainment and security sectors.

From cafés to Zagat’s top recommendations, from bed & breakfasts to 5-Star resorts, and from nightclubs to stadium concert events, Maximized Brand Marketing International is the right choice for new ways of creating and maintaining the finest consumer experiences.

Specialty Services

  • Mission Statement Development
  • Business Plan Development
  • Business and Human Resources Consulting
  • Public Relations and Media Training
  • Crisis Management
  • Social Media Development & Maintenance
  • Ghost Blogging
  • Web Content Development
  • Event Marketing
  • Recording Artist Promotion
  • Advertising Specialty Items
  • Advertising Campaign Development, Planning and Buying

Other Services: